What we do

Royalton Investment holds investments in subsidiaries, which in turn invest in a differentiated worldwide asset base. Our success story starts a little more than ten years ago. To begin with exclusively dedicated to yachting, we rapidly transformed from a boutique yachting company to an industry leader, today owning some of the largest vessels in the world available for charter.

As we continued to grow marketshare within the yachting industry, we also seized opportunities with investments and acquisitions in similar segments. High profit in combination with an intimate understanding of our unique target market allowed for expansion into, and success within, diverse luxury industries.

Today, our primary scope includes yachting, real estate, technology, lifestyle, as well as wellness and health care.


We operate in the yachting industry under “SSH Maritime” ( The SSH brand equity has made a sovereign impact amongst industry professionals and high-profile clients alike due to the exclusivity of our fleet, and our successful track-record in the following domains:

Yacht Management: We manage some of the finest yachts worldwide, offering owners peace of mind and value for money.

Yacht S&P & Chartering: We currently handle 13 mega yachts ranging from 22m to 86m. We also have extensive experience in chartering yachts of 80m and above to our UHNWI client base.

Yacht Sales & Yacht Refit: Over the years the overall CAPEX investments into those refits has reached well above €100m. We have just successfully completed and launched into the market 2 major refit projects running for total CAPEX of €30m.

Yacht New Builds: Our current new-build projects range from 50m to 85m, with an additional 85m, a 125m, and a 175m super yacht on the way.

Real estate

Our real estate assets are centered around the United States and Lebanon.


Our North American assets are located in Miami, Chicago, New York, L.A., and the Bahamas.

We manage owners’ assets offering attractive returns, both during holding period and at exit.

As part of our real estate operations, we manage the renovation/refits required in order for properties to fulfill their strategic goal.


Our Lebanese Real Estate operation is carried forward via our company “Investate” and its respective company logo. Our office manages different assets with our strategic goal being to either i) Land Development ii) Capitalize on Land ownership at a high premium.


We have a dedicated technology subsidiary comprised of highly trained developers and designers specialized in B2B and B2U in the field of health, science, and luxury. Our team of specialists builds innovative and dynamic ideas, and develops leading concepts with custom made Apps, web products, digital tools and marketing materials.

The technology team is highly invested in creating technological applications with the objectives of adding internal value to our core businesses by making them more cost and time efficient. Furthermore, the team is dedicated in providing technological advances in the field of yachting that will expand our consumer’s initiatives with the aim to turn them into revenue centers.

Last but not least, we have recently invested in a U.S. start-up building a unique matching application. The company is valued, as of today, at $5 million with the expectation to rise to $15 million before the end of the year.

Healthcare & Wellness

Our own highly specialized Health Team, comprised of four PhD professionals, is currently conducting research on stem cells. The intention is to deliver a solid review of facilities, techniques, and future possibilities—consistent with our belief that profitable investments are based on not only unique insight but also good intentions.

Royalton Investment recently invested in a Silicon Valley start-up, providing high-end healthcare solutions. Based on market trends, we believe this investment will be highly profitable, and continue to look for opportunities to seize on the border between technology and health care.