A 10-year track record of outstanding results

We operate as a holding company, investing in endeavors that improve the quality of life of investors and customers alike

We believe in synergy

Royalton Investment is at the forefront of the technology, luxury, and lifestyle industries; creating bridges before people know they need them

Expertise, Ethics, Edge

We pride ourselves on traditional values--such as integrity and discretion--coupled with disruptive out-of-the-box thinking

Growth doesn’t come without care

We help businesses innovate and grow
About us
Royalton Investment is a disruptive player in a conservative luxury market. We push the limits, proving that what’s already great can become even better. While we have the privilege to operate in industries that yield consistently high returns we continue to deliver results above industry averages, in large thanks to a team of passionate forward-thinkers.
— Jimmy Frangi, CEO